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I make dances for live performance and for video that are decidedly in-between genres or genre-less in a way that is my own. 

I dance with an underlying ethos of “being dance” in a “doing society”. Traces appear, inscribing their essential value in the space. A new way of choreographing emerges.

I make work that invites people to reframe their relationship to socialized norms by inviting them to travel to inner spaces and alternate worlds where Attention can revel in performative potential for human being and creativity. There we can connect the dots that help us to experience ourselves in constellations, rather than in isolated thought from which we act alone in a rigged societal structure.

Performances may include theatrically comedic, conceptually driven or deeply somatic territories. I might meet my inner ecofeminist one moment, then a fool co-creating the Anthropocene, the next. At some point, space and time open up and the performance is a ritual for reigniting HUMAN through liberation of body, imagination and a new sense of connection and value.

I want people to know we haven’t lost it. It’s sort of the Dorothy thing. It’s been within you all along, but society works against it. So, you have to reclaim your inherent riches.


My video art was first incorporated into live dance performances before I began making video that could be experienced in film festivals, online streaming, on DVD or from thumbdrives.

Digital Printmaking is a newer media and very organically tied to video.

In the past several years, a combination of building off-grid art spaces in the Chihuahuan Desert and fated lockdowns, made my video and print work more prolific. 


When choreographing or teaching dance I work with unThreading, an improv and somatics dance approach I devised to invite a range of embodied states and  dance principals in a liberated sensorial flow of movement

I also offer Embodiment Field somatics sessions for any body. Health and wellbeing are tended to through pleasure in movement, breath, creative emergence and community.



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