I forged a relationship with the Muse in early childhood living in Northern California. My favorite moments were on stage, dancing to 80’s pop or expressing in creative states induced by playing soccer. Natural beauty of apple orchards dotting hills of the Silicon Valley and Japanese kimono sleeve views from our mountain home, along with knowing young talented artists, drew me to art- the way it’s expressed, lived and can be a healing force in the world. 

In college and in Bay Area dance communities I studied Modern, Post Modern, Senegalese, Improvisation and Contemporary dance and trained in philosophy, experimental theater, Transpersonal psychology, Qigong and somatics. I held a healing practice for 10 years while developing into a full blown dance artist.

toured North America and Europe over 16 years, performing my work and in collaboration with my musician partner. 

Over three decades, collaborations with dancers, choreographers, arts collectives, arts organizations, visual artists and musicians have influenced my work. The touring life informed my video most. I began shooting in “Found Installations” or  found places that were already art in and of themselves. I became a creative, communing and relating to these spaces and made video projects out of editing these documented interactions.

While living in Minneapolis in 2012 I was diagnosed with cancer and found if I couldn’t dance or even make it to the studio to choreograph, I could emphasize video. I went deep into the discipline and have continued to do so.

In an extended recovery process new embodiment healing strategies and methods emerged, as well. Now, I teach some of those findings in Embodiment Field sessions and classes. 

My life partner Paul Sprawl and I have been building humble off-grid art/live spaces in the Chihuahuan desert mostly ourselves since 2014.  I create, meet with clients and teach from here. 

Through the pandemic I’ve put out almost fifty Lee Lee et Le Bus  episodes for Vagabondstreams.org 

My work with people is to liberate creativity, empower with embodiment and to stoke the creator within- through my teaching, one-on-one sessions with clients and in offering my art.

Contact me: leralee@gmail.com

Announcing New Online Classes Spring 2022

TOUCHING INTO THE SUBTLE, a series of classes on “Presence at the Intersection of Dance and Somatic Healing”

Email Leralee for class links and more information.  leralee@gmail.com


Subtle in My Seat








Moving with ease, embodying artistry and connecting with Presence while seated 

1 hour classes 

Tuesdays 9am Pacific / 11am Central / Noon Eastern / 5pm Berlin, DE

$20 /$15 when purchasing 10 classes

While seated at home or work, give yourself an hour for:

Easeful movement emerging from your connection to breath, qi, earth, and your imagination.

Sensing a gentle, strong, artistic or even holy Presence

Creating in subtle, artistic territories by attuning to inner to outer spaces.

Sounding or singing as aspects of new Presence (maybe your mic will be muted for this part / if at work, well use your discretion- Lol).




Embodiment Field GROUND 



Healing the Layers Across Systems in Somatic Movement on the floor 
Sundays 11am-11:15 
Central Time


In GROUND EMBODIMENT sessions you’re guided to breathe, sound, sense subtle energy and to activate movement through rapport between bodymind, earth and Presence.

We work with dynamic contact with the earth to fortify emerging, coherent alignments while lying on the floor. Touching into the body and fluid spinal movement into and out of the floor benefits fascia, the nervous system and the organs.  Energy flow and release of feel good transmitters, brainwave change out of Beta, along with connection with Presence offers great value to meditation, calm embodiment and loving interactions. Dancers find this practice aids in greater articulation and dancing from different body systems while also able to sense shifts in subtle alignments.





(un)Threading Dance and Movement





Invite the archival and contemporary body to dance.

Saturdays 11-12:30 am 

Central Time


(un)Threading is an improvisational practice in threading movement together effortlessly by connecting with forces in and around the body, sourcing with the senses and connecting with Muse.

Live Music by Paul Sprawl

Find new alignments and unthread strictures to inform the somatic process while composing or dancing.

Subtle in my Seat examples

Upcoming workshop


Aesthetic Rituals and Embodied Play with Things in Your home

Weekend Workshop
Sat April 2
Noon – 4pm
Central Time
Cost $70

Dance, embodiment and musings emerge in collaborations with your stuff.

contact leralee@gmail.com for link

(un)Threading and a little video art

I wanted this series to be a direct line to creative process...how it enables the world to know our many voices and ways we embody as multifaceted creators. Sometimes art scenes or healing circles are overly reverent and censoring. I'm saying, bring it! What is specific to the Muse YOU connect with, along with your education and unique life lived... and if you have a Soul calling that's expressive, then express! Don't wait for permission. Yes, I have compositional expertise which makes it fun to watch, but I'm also trying to inspire others to tap in and befriend their Muse with this series.

Enjoying free videos? 

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for Zelle send to leralee@gmail.com

Customized Sessions

I offer individualized one-on-one sessions for awakening the inner Creator and subtle embodiment. Sessions allow for connection and expression through diverse modalities such as: relational somatics, theatrical play, energy medicine, sounding and emergent expression.  Underlying principals are directed at healing the layers of your being  and seeking new alignments with Presence. 

Sessions are tailored to meet the needs and desires specific to each client.

I offer group sessions for educators, dance schools, film makers and communities. 

Sessions range from composition, to process oriented embodied creativity and modes for collaborating “in the Zone”.




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