I perform and am behind the camera for the weekly video, Lee Lee et Le Bus. Each episode is different.  A new episode is featured every Thursday on Vagabondstreams.org  

My collaborator & life partner Paul Sprawl and I are building off-grid art spaces in the Chihuahuan desert. This fall we’ll have live performances and dance at our new venue Big Bend Dance Space in Terlingua, TX. 

I offer one-on-one Embodiment Field sessions and classes on Zoom & in Terlingua. 

The short of my past: Over three decades I deepened into many genres of dance including Modern, Senegalese, Improvisation and Contemporary. I also studied philosophy and somatics, worked with clients, taught, toured, performed my work and that of other choreographers, created with collectives, became a self-taught video artist, researched and conceived somatics/embodiment approaches and collaborated  in performance with a musician over 16 years.

   A weekly video to inspire people to create

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