I forged a relationship with the Muse early in the California Bay Area, choreographing to 80’s pop, performing in school plays, with new fashion and in my athletic pursuits, where a steady flow of consciousness was induced by hours of soccer playing.

I found artistic inspiration in the natural world, when apple orchards dotted the hills of Cupertino and you could hang out at small ranches, watching the farm animals and daydreaming- before the valley was totally siliconized.

In my teens we moved closer to the Pacific ocean, living in a hillside house with Japanese-kimono-sleeve-views of the Santa Cruz mountains. By then I was looking into ethics and philosophy and began to find other artists in high school.

At college and in community, I learned many dance styles, theater, visual art, philosophy, psychology and somatics.

Compelled by the cross-pollination happening between cultures and art forms, I stayed with a practice in the Bay Area, performing, teaching and working with private clients before setting out to tour over 16 years in North America and Europe, often in collaboration with musician & partner Paul Sprawl.

My direction in the arts broadened over time. As a transdisciplinary artist, I shifted my love of dance and somatics to include the visual-audio realm of video and then parlayed digital art skills into printmaking. 

Video and dance shared a focus when on tour and during artist residencies. I committed to a practice of inhabiting spaces of interest, creating within these visually compelling found installations. It led to a series of “Found Installations” videos, some of which were included in live performance.

Over decades of working with 
dancers, choreographers, arts collectives, arts organizations, visual artists and musicians, my partner and I began building humble off-grid art/live spaces in the Chihuahuan desert.  

Through the pandemic I put out nearly fifty Lee Lee et Le Bus episodes for Vagabondstreams.org  

The series was meant to inspire others to create and ended up utilizing most every skill I had, over 49 weeks.

This year I started selling framed digital prints inspired by the Northern California Coast, the Chihuahuan Desert and of course embodiment. 

Payment Options

Custom Dance and Embodiment Sessions

I offer  one-on-one sessions for individuals who wish be coached in dance improvisation, relational somatics, theatrical play or video making. 

I offer group sessions for educators, dance schools, film makers and communities. 

Sessions range from embodiment awareness, to process oriented creativity and collaborating “in the Zone”.



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