I’m a video artist, dancer, choreographer & teacher. I started dancing at soccer practices in the Silicon Valley at eleven when I discovered altering my state through a relational sport, gave me access to the Muse. Over three decades I practiced many dance forms including Senegalese, Improvisation and Contemporary. I also studied Eastern and Western philosophies, worked with clients, taught, performed, toured, became a self-taught video artist, collaborated with a musician for 16 years- all the while researching embodied states. I currently perform or am behind the camera in a weekly video podcast, Lee Lee et Le Bus. Each episode is different.  I’m shooting outside a lot instead of in a studio. While ideas are always rolling, relational aesthetics becomes more about nature’s influence or the outdoor space’s impact on the moment rather than audience or other performers. Hope you’ll check it out!  A new episode of Lee Lee et Le Bus is featured every Thursday on  Vagabondstreams.org  

My collaborator and partner Paul Sprawl and I concurrently build off-grid art spaces in the Chihuahuan desert. Soon we’ll have live performances and classes at our new Dance Space in Big Bend, TX.

I’m offering one-on-one Zoom sessions.

A weekly video podcast by Leralee Whittle to inspire others to create

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