Attention and Fields


Attention is cultivated through relational means when we embody a coherent field. Attention happens in a state of actualized “boundarilessness” between self, other, earth, Life, time and space. It is presence extended beyond any one physical body. Attention may instantly pervade a collaborative process- a session, a class, a performance, a meeting… Attention is enacted through perception that extends, affecting space and the collective. Attention is an outcome of “a relational Now”.

It is linked with “the Zone” or “the flow” where time is “the open now”.



The Electro-Magnetic Field, Other Forces and Ways of Thinking About Field

At the most fundamental level, our body/minds are complex electro-chemical networks animated by a Life force in relationship to the electro-magnetic field of earth and atmosphere. Additional mutable forces introduced in the presence of other change the field and influence our perception, the depth of our experience and relational impetus to create or commune.

How do we work with the field or affect the field?

“Shared-field attention” deepens through practice. We cultivate a coherent field through a balance of metaphysical, conceptual and physical practices. The field is affected by how we embody thought and enact our perception into space. We have greater responsiveness  by freeing the body/mind from holding patterns and negative beliefs. Freeing energy and changing the mind may require re-wilding or decolonizing the body/mind with physical movement and imagery.

What is the function of “a shared body-field” in Life?

Often in densely populated areas people go through great pains to block each other out to focus on the task at hand or pretend to have one’s own space. While this can be useful at times, it’s of limited value to the ecosystem of human interactivity that ultimately has the potential to extend beyond anthropocentrism and act from a sense of care for the planet, as a whole. That’s why we need community rituals that sensitize us. Our behavior should come from a sense of home in the universe. Whether re-wilding across body-systems, engaging in artistic collaboration, problem solving or deepening with community- we are mobilized through “Now Presence” which also affects how we choose a future.

Pleroma- Another name for a Healing Field 

A person’s ability to heal and facilitate healing for others depends upon their ability to link to the larger world of the “pleroma” (a field of abundant potential, boundless luminosity and creativity, and infinite sentience). Approaching the numinosity of the pleroma is therapeutic at its core—what Jung calls “the real therapy”—as it releases us from what he calls “the curse of pathology.” Connecting with this more expanded perspective within us alchemically transforms what seemed to be pathological into something expressing and leading us closer to the numinosum.

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