FOUND INSTALLATIONS are time-based processes in rural and city spaces, transformed through collaboration (with the spaces). 

I inhabit parks, gyms, natural habitats or rare buildings to create relationally with what and whom occupy the space. These non-art spaces often provide exciting immediacy in the form of unanticipated interactions with people, things and sound that inspire dance or a new way of being and creating in the space. I often video my collaboration with these Found Installations and work with the footage so viewers can experience phenomenological aspects of time-based composing occurring through relationship. 

Sometimes other people are engaged in prescribed activities in the spaces or conversely, there’s a wonderful absence of the events usually assigned to these spaces. I am free to receive both kinds of inspiration through the interaction of social forces or through conjuring, perceiving, identifying and tracking the interplay between the senses, an embodied imagination and context.

Found Installation, Spring Lake Park, Public Art Commission, MN 2018

ROAM / Created at Project Space Residency,  Counterpulse, San Francisco, 2017

Car repair lot in Dayton, 2017

HOP HOPE / A film in which the small imaginative and utopian efforts are made in a Berlin city park that contrast a business as usual use of the commons / 2014


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