While we share a connection to the earth and the air we breathe, your embodiment is uniquely yours. The range of how you are in your body is based on the choices you make.

I’m here to guide you into territories you’ve forgotten about or have always wanted to explore.

EF sessions are designed, so we can re/discover a more fully embodied, balanced, playful, at ease…more imaginative you.

Each session is designed to be healing, enjoyable and even transformative. You’ll find new alignment with Presence, allowing you to Source creativity and dynamically balance your body-mind while opening to mystery.

We work together to tailor where you want to grow or what you wish to experience, whether your spontaneous- self inviting you to play again or following a desire for beauty that communicates a sensuous connection in your body.

This video exemplifies playing, composing and communing with whatever is laying around on the building site.

•Somatic Coaching Sessions•

Subtle in my Seat

Standing into Movement

Ground Movement



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