Embodiment Field
Ground, Play and Standing into Movement Sessions

Embodiment becomes a ritual of connecting with Source (inspiration) .

Standing into Movement 

Stand on the earth. Sense the field around you. Notice you relax when you do and how easy it is to breathe and move with ease. Stay connected to what’s enjoyed… Notice strengthening and stretching is effortless.

Source and receive from the field to supply bodymind with energy (chi).  Boost your immune system. Love more.

Do you notice this practice shifting your brain waves and brain chemistry? Do you experience more balance in body/mind/spirit? Feeling more levity and fuller presence?

It’s the practice. Join us.


SourceMuse PLAY 

How refreshing to be an adult at play with wise ideas.



Move in new ways, embody song, compose with objects, play with others, discover new voices within you… Tap the power of play in composition, collaboration and in Life. 

*Private group sessions help groups develop solidarity through creative collaboration, opening new lines of communication.

*One-on-one sessions explore embodied expression or simply to play fully, as your multifaceted, intelligent self. 

*Zoom sessions available









Unlike exercise regimens done on the floor, the ground is a collaborator supporting easeful and liberating movement. The ground’s contact with body surfaces calms the nervous system as Oxytocin released in the brain  Touch in conjunction with breathing and movement also increases serotonin levels in the brain that affect our sense of well being. In addition, some of the impact into the floor along with fluid transitions through planes can benefit fascial networks, the organs and energy flow.

(You’re guided to  move from bodymind intelligence on the floor. At times you’ll be working with your hands in your bodyfield to invite coherent rapport between bodymind, Source and earth to fortify new, coherent alignments.)

 Usually, this practice enhances one’s ability to sense subtle energy, an aspect of aesthetic embodiment and embodying love. 

Dancers find this practice aids in greater articulation and dancing across systems.

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