Book a 1:1 or group session on any of these offerings or a combination:

Subtle in my Seat

Move with ease, embody expression and connect with Presence while seated

At home or work, seated in a chair or on a couch or bed give yourself an hour for:

Embodying subtle, artistic territories by attuning to inner to outer spaces.

Standing into Movement

 We begin by standing in connection with the earth and sensing the field around us. Universal principals of dance such as efficient movement between ground and space, mirror the practice of cultivating harmony between earth and sky. We move with breathe, with Qi and in following ease and pleasure. Attention to our hands as a healing force that sense and regulate life force in and around the body also become instrumental in dance that is supported. As forces inside and outside of the body build a coherent field, communication across body-systems and between body-mind and Spirit, enables us to dance more fully without forcing a thing.

We emphasize health through accessing energy pathways and dynamic fluid systems in the movement of the joints and spine that lead to pleasurable states. Alchemical shifts through neurotransmitter release and brain wave changes are part of resetting the nervous system to calm, centering us in Presence.

PLAY/COMPOSE – a practice in (un)Thinging 
Embody fun, compose with what’s in your space, express in playful ways.

You’ll explore:

Engaging your space with wonder

Changing the meanings of things in play or composition; leading to new perspective, humor, aesthetic desire and/or embodied connection

Using your couch or bed to explore supported movement and inspire micro to macro dance

Integrating your creative self and where you live- Artistry

Bringing nature inside- we’ll bring some Earth made stuff in to see how it affects our sense of  home


The ground is your collaborator, supporting easeful and liberating movement. 

In GROUND EMBODIMENT sessions you’re guided to breathe, sound, and sense subtle energy across systems of the body and to activate movement from connections occurring in rapport between bodymind, earth and Presence.

We work with dynamic contact with the earth to fortify emerging, coherent alignments while lying on the floor. Touching into the body and fluid spinal movement into and out of the floor benefits fascia, the nervous system and the organs.  Energy flow and release of feel good transmitters, brainwave change out of Beta, along with connection with Presence offers great value to meditation, calm embodiment and loving interactions. Dancers find this practice aids in greater articulation and dancing from different body systems while also able to sense shifts in subtle alignments.

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