Classes and Workshops

(un)Threading is a somatics, dance and instant composition practice of sensing forces in the field around the body and forces within the body while dancing, as way into sourcing, relationally.

Dance emerges from communication between body-systems, forces from the earth and in the space in which we move. Practitioners learn to “undo” patterns alongside emergent dance and embodiment where many levels of connectivity converge. Practitioners cultivate dynamic alignment and follow lines of force, as well as organic flow of movement. Composition is an experiential phenomenon arising out of the moment and from shifting relational focus. Even when dancing solo there’s the influence of or collaboration with the ground, the field, every body and anything in our dance environment. 

with Live sound by Paul Sprawl

“A thread of attention may be composed of action, undoing or presence.”

Composing Together

In research and practice in composing with others, we play with materiality of dance.. space, time, sound, object and/or other…  

We use sense-abilities and embodied imaginations in composing with Attention in improvisation practice.

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