Dance Class Descriptions

(un)Threading – on-line classes for international dancers and somatics practitioners

is a somatics, dance and instant compositional practice, sensing how forces around us relate to our embodiment. Sensing the field while dancing, supplies information about efficiency of movement and dynamic alignment. Actions emerge from communication between body-systems and forces in the field. Practitioners learn to “undo” patterns alongside creating in new coherent embodiment territories where many levels of connectivity converge. We come to understand we don’t really dance rather, as relational beings, we’re in collaboration with the ground, field and everything else in our environment.

“A thread of attention may be composed of action, undoing or presence.”

Communing and Composing – Zoom and Live

We explore a range of embodied play through an authentic and compositional lens. Depending on whether live or on-line, we dance with other or within the space we create for and in this ritualized play of body, space, time, sound, object and/or other. We allow our sense-abilities and imaginations to lead the session. Leralee guides and gives examples based on her life as a dancer, composer and ritualist.

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