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Lee Lee et Le Bus is a weekly video by Leralee Whittle created to inspire people to be their creative, connected selves and not get buried by mediocrity (and oppression). Balancing gravity and levity, Leralee Whittle draws on her unique life as a video artist, choreographer, thinker, off-grid builder, performer and dance/somatics teacher. She combines efforts to ritualize and embody the everyday while making a little art for you to enjoy.

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In Episode 2, a basketball court dance in the Chihuahuan desert is transformed into cinematic video art. What was done with humble beginnings- improvising with a painted line and a phone camera- may inspire you to edit something with your own phone and a video editing app.

In the first episode, Lee Lee muses while walking through the neighborhood, voicing la raison de etre and mythologizing the origins of her weekly show. Characters surface through light hearted, on the fly songs, joy rituals and humorously balanced kill joy voices for 2020.

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