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Lee Lee et Le Bus is a video series that’s a little real life, a little art and a little self reflexive or culturally reflexive comedic commentary. There’s nothing like it. Each video is crafted from a creative process without a pre-scripted or conceptual agenda, so not much pretense is possible. Through the editing process you get an interesting juxtaposition between the layers of the onion. There’s a depth in what’s being communicated and the breadth in media makes for an entertaining experience with art value. 

At the core, Leralee Whittle is using her craft to bring awareness to our ability to source an inner creator at any moment in the day and to bring attention to how we can create in and with any environment in which we find ourselves. 

Lee Lee et Le Bus celebrates our many voices rather than homogeneity, as a path to understanding. It illuminates how our embodiment is linked with powerful communication and how aesthetic practice is a path to “know thyself” .

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Lee Lee et Le Bus – Episode 2 

I look at the humble beginnings of improvising on a school basketball court and dancing with the painted lines and see where it took me. I made cinematic video art with simple phone footage of a dance I did in one afternoon. It makes me think people’s genius needs a chance! 

In the first episode, Lee Lee muses while walking through the neighborhood, voicing la raison de etre and mythologizing the origins of her weekly show. Characters surface through light hearted, on the fly songs, joy rituals and humorously balanced kill joy voices for 2020.

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